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February 16th, 2022 

Business as Usual 

Before I started this race, I knew it would be an uphill climb for attention. There are many ways in which Democrats are made to feel alone- as though our views and way of life aren’t welcome. I just didn’t think it would come from our own newspaper. 

Recently, the Fort Worth Star Telegram published an endorsement for the Republican primary for the Texas SBOE District 11. The media plays a critical role in our democracy. Our newspaper needs to cover the issues and those who want to represent us. Curiously though, I haven’t heard from anyone at the Star Telegram, and so I reached out to see why they would publish a piece on the Republican primary without also covering the Democratic primary. 

They said, “We thought the Republican primary is likely to decide the ultimate winner.” 

This is what we’re up against. Democratic votes are being dismissed.

Our newspapers need to be better than this. They should be objective and provide equal weight to each side of the issue. Instead, they push additional attention to the Republicans early and then claim they don’t play political favorites. 

Our voices need to be heard. Your voice needs to be heard. Our students need our voices to be heard. 

So, I need your help. Will you reach out to friends and family? Will you donate? Will you post online about this race? 

Together, we can make our voices heard even if the Star Telegram won’t. 

Luis Miguel Sifuentes for Texas Political Committee
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